BigStk - Best-Practice-Gears-37939381BigStk - Best-Practice-Gears-379393813d silver grey gearwheels with words business concept - best practice Testimonials (partial list of Client initiatives) include:

TotalMobile - an international software company, HQ'd in Belfast. My initiatives included establishing the Company to conduct business in the US market. It was a turnaround situation from the previous ineffective mgt team. Sales and Channel development were key work efforts along with establishing a comprehensive and effective sales process. Partners including AT&T were established as well as consistent revenue generation. 


Enquiron (acquired by Zywave) - a Boston based HR content and legal services provider. Engaged to fine tune the sales process, and improve the opportunity analysis leading to consistent revenue development. Also participate in strategic advisory services across numerous business initiatives.


KTS-Inc - a Boston based, Company providing network infrastructure solutions including the design, installation and maintenance of small and mid sized communications solutions. Brought in to mentor a sales team and develop a sales process that could be easily followed enhancing lead gen, and development of interested parties to qualified business prospective clients.  to effectively develop interested parties into a to KTS Customers.


Specialties include: Operational Assessments, CXO and BoD Strategic Advisory Services, Sales & Marketing Best Practices, Coaching, Opportunity Strategies, Pipeline Development, Value Prop & ROI Development, Channel & Partner Development, Interim GM & VP Sales.

For more information, call or email Steve Carson at [email protected] or 603-505-2444.